MallinCam Deep Sky Image Inventory

The MallinCam Deep Sky Image Inventory consists of 1,688 images of 3,140 deep sky objects.  This collection was created as a tool for observers.  It shows what to expect when observing with amateur telescopes.  It provides assistance for choosing which objects to observe with a video observing system or with eyepieces as well as searching super novas in galaxies.


All the images were taken using the MallinCam PRO Video CCD Observational System and a MEADE LX200 10”.  Each image consists of between 30 and 50 video still shots of 2 seconds each.  Each shot from MallinCam PRO integrates 128 frames within 2 seconds.  The field of view of all the images is 20 arcminutes wide by 15 arcminutes high.  A f/3.3 focal reducer was used to create this field of view.


This telescope has no wedge and no field de-rotator.   It has a simple altitude-azimuth mount.  It is located inside the Couch Potato Observatory (CPO) which is in the attic of my house in a suburb of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.  My coordinates are:  latitude 45.5 North and longitude 75.5 West.  The visual limiting magnitude from CPO ranges from 3.0 to 4.5 on most nights.

I started taking the images on June 10, 2004 and finished on April 15, 2005.  During that time, I took close to 65,000 still shots from the MallinCam PRO using my Sony Handycam.  The original JPEG files were stored on Sony memory sticks.  The files were then copied onto my computer.  Then I used Registax 2 to stack the images with a dark frame made of 10 shots.  I created a dark frame at the end of every observing session.  Then only the contrast, brightness and gamma were adjusted during the processing.  Photoshop was also utilized to make final contrast and brightness adjustments and for adding the labels.


The goal of this project was to image all the deep sky objects from the SkyAtlas 2000 visible from my latitude.  If a constellation had no objects listed inside the SkyAtlas 2000, Uranometria 2000.0 was used to hand pick the brightest ones.  My next project will be to image more of the objects from Uranometria.

Any extra objects appearing in the images were identified using Guide 8.  Almost all the objects from the SkyAtlas 2000 visible from latitude 45.5 North have been imaged.


Here are a few record facts about this collection.  The full MallinCam Deep Sky Image Inventory was imaged within one year.  The dimmest magnitude reached for a galaxy was 18.9.  The maximum number of deep sky objects identified on one image was 70.  The lowest declination imaged was –43.3 degrees.


Enjoy the images!

Denis Legault


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